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Future Shop was a Canadian electronics store chain. It was established in 1982 by Hassan Khosrowshahi. By 1990, the chain had become the country's largest retailer of computer and consumer electronics. In January 2013, the company operated 139 locations across Canada.

Kazimierz mentioned, "Future Shop was supposed to send the next day at the weekend and they say that they do not have in stock. I paid for the parcel 13f extra. I am waiting for the second week and it was to be sent the next day after being sucked in. I asked for a refund and they remain silent. I will not do it again."


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Former Employee - Agent Level II says

"As the 'renew blue' and 'renew red' cost cutting and job shedding measures continue to try and get Best Buy back to good profitability bite, successive waves of job losses over the last 4yrs have left staff morale low and fear of losing jobs at a high. Staff are now hired as to how cheap they will be, especially at installer level. Zero job security, as seniority and pay level rises over time, they cap it at $20ph for home installers and then 1% cost of living a year, waves of terminations every year as they get rid of higher earning installers and middle management to hire cheaper kids just out of high school. A year or so passes and the cycle starts again. Salesman sharking and selling the customer whatever is good for best commission rather than what's best for the customer is rampant. Experience overall depends on management and store, if you get a nice set and you 'gel' life is good, if you don't gel and you're face doesn't fit with that manager, you will be "terminated without cause". It doesn't matter how skilled you are or how much your customers love you. Beware a two faced backstabbing management team, because if you are unlucky to get a manager that doesn't like being disagreed with on a fair or valid point, you will be frozen out. If the manager wants to get rid of you because he personally doesn't like you, even if your job performance is immaculate and clients love you, he/she will. All the power is with them, head office isn't involved, there is an ethicspoint.com appeal process but don't bother. Officially there's a zero retaliation policy but if you kick up a fuss over being let go they will find an excuse not to re hire you. Future Shop/best buy don't walk the talk when it comes to ethics and morality. You are a number. Don't give Future Shop/Best Buy any loyalty, be it employment or custom, they won't show any to you."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Horrible place to work! Horrible management! Horrible upper management team! They don't care about the employees but only about the money Especially the one on tinge and 16th- the way the store is managed is bad. Felt nothing better for myself came out of it and didn't feel appreciated even after everything I did for them."

Former Employee - Technician says

"Low pay, no benefits. Manager treated ALL the staff like shite. Screaming at employees was a daily occurrence."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"not enough pay for the service and too mch insurance"


"Given no training and basically treated like trash as a seasonal employee."


"Poorly managed and behind the times. Best Buy is probably next as everything moves online."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management treated employees like absolute crap. Hours were also an issue for part timers as you could have 20 one week and then 4 the next"

Customer Service Representative says

"Lot of politics at the work place. The staff is not really concerned of how well and sincerely you work, but if you are sucking up to them all the time. Too much pressure in saled"

Former Employee - Product Expert says

"The pay was ever decreasing, a lot of employees are treated unfair, they became less and less flexible about days and hours, having to come in on your day off for meetings, management took little responsibility or accountability."

Consultant says

"cons are many so please dont join this company as an mba !!"

Multi-Channel Sales/Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"closed down, management knew weeks prior but didnt warn the employees to find other work. got called in for a "meeting" walked out with a lay off check and was asked to leave the building in 45 mins"

Lead Merchandiser (Former Employee) says

"no wonder this company shut down. horrible workplace jobs and management was always rude and never understanding and always did whatever they wanted instead of listening to employees"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Long hour work shifts. on your feet all day. had to constantly take classes to learn new technology. overall work experience was positive until it closed down."

Customer Sales/Computer Technician (Former Employee) says

"This company no longer exist as Future Shop, it is now know as Best Buy. Was fun while I there and the staff were helpful. Pay could of been a lot more for the work that was done."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"this company is no longer in business as it was bought out by Best Buy is 2014- wonderful company when it was around. great management and commission based"

Appliance Product Expert (Former Employee) says


Sales Associate (commission sales) says

"Best Buy - Kill this once great company. Now that i am a customer I haven't someone that know anything about the products they sell. We took pride in being the place for information on New TECH. They are no longer the tech leaders.also got ride of the 90 days no\no that customers loved gave us the edge over the market.noneBest Buy"

Retail Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Company had a great commission structure but decides to go bankrupt and fires all employees ranging from senior to junior with no forewarning or notifaction"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"This employer did not fulfill their obligations to their employees. They were not compensated fairly nor were they treated fairly. nepotism was very strong here."

Product Expert / Floor Manager (Former Employee) says

"Well they closed all the Future Shops. It was a great place to work and shop unfortunately would have been nice to see them stay open Best Buy is no comparison"

Retail Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Doesnt exist anymore. Bought by Best Buy. Best buy overhauled the commission structure and sunk many a good sales people (I hope all have found excellent jobs thereafter)."

Audio / Video Department Manager (Former Employee) says

"This company is closed. They are no longer in business. Doors closed. OUT OF BUSINESS. Under new ownership. out of order..closed to the public...closed"

Technicienne informatique (Former Employee) says

"j'étais seule d'employée pour gérer tout le département de soutien technique, donc aucune pause m'étais ``autorisé``.aucune pause"

Merchandiser (Former Employee) says

"This place does no exist, and therefore there is nothing to say about this place. Fusion cup has great coffee. Best buy owns them. Video games are great. That is all."

Assistant Merchandising Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"I have nothing good to say about this company.... But I did get to meet a handful of decent people, I saw cool gadgets and the staff discount was to die for!Discounts & PeopleWhat they did"

Electronics sales (Former Employee) says

"Hated working at Future Shop, it is what drove me back to school. The hours, the pay, the management were all bad. no one treated you well and the pay was not worth the time and effort. I would not recommend anyone to work there. There was nothing to strive for, no motivation to better myself. I learned not to work in sales anymore. Never work at Future Shop ever!!!!"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Future Shop discriminates against Aboriginal Canadians. They do not hire First Nations people, and employees/ managers make buying things difficult, They try to charge tax on a sale when a sale is tax exempt.Discount, 10% below costsRacist employers, management."

Home Office Product Expert & DSMIT (Former Employee) says

"Would never recommend this place as an employer to anyone! Management and big-wigs only care about money money money. No one cares about the employees."

Mobile Audio Sales (Former Employee) says

"I worked here for the seasonal rush. Was quickly put onto the floor which I enjoyed. The only problem was they didn't give me my "Alpha code" which is the code you enter in the computer in order to get the commission from the sale. My manager kept asking me to hand in my form so he could give it to me and I already told him I did. I was making massive sales with the extended warranty's and just had to give them to someone else.My manager comes up to me again and asks where the form is and once again I tell him he has it, then he reaches into his back pocket and pull outs the form he had all along. I finally get my Alpha code but it was too late. He pulled me into his office and said I was fired for lack of sales ! and leaving my area to go help other customers.I still haven't been paid the whole month I worked there. I call in to see about my paycheck and they don't have a record of my hours and looked to me to tell them how many hours I worked, cause after all I'm the one that's suppose to keep track of that. I told him to look at the schedule and he says that its already been thrown out. so finally after 2 weeks they finally pay me and they short me $200. So I have to go in and talk to the District manager who sorted it out right away. The place was a nightmare.everythign about the place"

Customer Service Desk (Current Employee) says

"Terrible place to work in that location and in that department. Associates not knowledgeable. No job security. Maybe five hours a week. Not a busy store. Expected to learn a lot in short time.nonelots"

Alvin Siodina says

"I bought a computer last November and they offered insurance on the item and also said that if I could cancel the insurance anytime, after 7 mos, I called Geek Squad for the Cancellation of my insurance but said I have to pay the cancellation fee which is the same as the cost of the monthly insurance of my computer till November of 2019. This things wasn't part of any conversation I had with the best buy employee who I talk to regarding the insurance, they just told me that If I felt I don't need the insurance then I could cancel it anytime."

Busting Scammers says

"Lol @ "geek squad" Their knowledge of anything to even remotely do with a computer is laughable. They told my friend her motherboard was fried - it was a brand new HP laptop, but it was one of those sensitive touch screen ones with what looked like a faint digital scratch on it. A display issue doesn't mean that the motherboard doesn't work anymore, those mf r*tards. Just as I suspected, I hooked the laptop up to a monitor using a simple HDMI cable and was able to see all her files, access everything, and everything worked fine. It was just a simple issue with her display screen. Your company and the monkeys you employ are a f****ing joke, lol. A kid like myself can more quickly and accurately diagnose issues better than you buffoons. Shake my damn head."

Nels Moxness says

"Best Buy staff was good, their freight company terrible . I will shop elsewhere ."

Nitro says

"Bought on line 2 times. Both times the article was slow to arrive and was not packaged correctly and the items were damaged. Customer service was sarcastic. I will never buy from them again."

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